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Sabrina Hopes to Inspire Young Son

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

After recently completing the ECDL Level 2, Sabrina has successfully found an apprenticeship in Business Administration. She hopes that this success with inspire her son in his studies.

Sabrina after completing the ECDL Level 2 course.

"I came to DBC Training to develop myself, overcome personal obstacles and also to be a good role model to my son and show him that if you put your mind to put, you can achieve anything you want with hard work and dedication. I dedicated myself to studying ECDL Level 2 because I wanted to get into Admin work and it gives me up-to-date knowledge of IT packages.

This has now opened up an unexpected avenue to an apprenticeship in administration, which makes me feel fantastic and a proper ego boost.

This also reflects on my son seeing me more positive and upbeat about getting back into work. He's seeing that hard work does pay off! I want him to have a good work mind frame going into Year 9 as this is a crucial time for him."

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