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National Company Takes on Three New Apprentices

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Cosmetic Digital help businesses create unique websites and Digital Marketing campaigns.

They first approached DBC Training whilst searching for two new Digital Marketing apprentices.

After describing the role and the desired qualities for the role, our Business Development Team set-off searching for the best candidates.

After screening all the candidates, we sent across a set of CV's for Cosmetic Digital to consider.

Cosmetic Digital praised the work of DBC and the recruitment process;

"DBC Training was fast to come back with a handful of excellent CV’s. On the back of these interviews, we took two apprentices on.

We were so impressed with the quality that we decided to go back again and interview for another role, which we are pleased to say we have also now filled.

If you want an honest agency that's fast to respond with the candidates you actually need, I’d recommended them".

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