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My Career Journey - Peter Roberts

Name & Role at DBC Training?

"My name is Peter Roberts, I'm a Digital Marketing Assistant at DBC Training & worked here for about 1 and half years".

What was your DREAM job growing up?

"Like most young boys, my dream was to become a professional footballer. I've always loved football and played since being very young, however I unfortunately lack the skills, fitness & general ability to fulfil this dream. I suppose playing for a pub team on a Sunday will have to do"!

How did you find school? What sort of grades did you get?

"I was fortunate enough to quite enjoy school & managed to do alright grade-wise. I aimed to go to University, so always aspired to achieve the best grades I could, to give myself the best chance of attending my choice of University".

First-ever job?

"My first official job was behind a bar at a hotel when I was 18 years old. It was only a temporary contract over the busy Christmas period but I actually enjoyed the role, as I found a large part of it was simply chatting to customers - Easy work".

Worst ever job?

"I think my least favourite job would be a part-time job in a warehouse whilst at University. It involved simply packing and shipping off deliveries. Although there was nothing wrong with the business or the people, I found the job quite tedious and spent most of my days watching the clock".

Favourite part of your current role?

"It would have to be the fact that no two days are the same. Each day I am challenged to create content for both print & online marketing. This can include; course flyers, banners, social media marketing & creating video content. So each day we are striving to improve every element of the companies marketing strategy".

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