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Levy Transfer

Major Recruitment and Training companies launch Levy Transfer offer to Midlands Businesses!

Leading recruitment agency Gi Group UK and DBC Training have formed a partnership to offer to fund apprenticeship training programmes for businesses across the midlands.

As part of its commitment to supporting businesses to develop skilled and high performing employees, Gi Group is investing £300,000 in midlands based companies and communities.

Gi Group’s Head of Employability, Skills and Learning, Kate Maddison-Greenwell was proud to announce, “In partnership with DBC Training, Gi Group has agreed to sponsor businesses to access apprenticeship programmes by transferring part of its apprenticeship levy to them. This means that Gi Group will fund the entirety of the apprenticeship training programme to enable businesses to develop and grow by creating a skilled workforce that meets their needs."

Kate Maddison-Greenwell, Gi Group's Head of Employability, Skills and Learning.

Kerry Bentley, Managing Director DBC Training, added “Following our long standing partnership with Gi Group this is a fantastic opportunity for SMEs in our region to access fully funded apprenticeships. We are looking forward to seeing the positive outcomes this fantastic programme can bring to the region.”

Kerry Bentley, Managing Director of DBC Training.

The levy will support businesses to invest in professional learning and development programmes for new and existing employees so that individuals in our communities have increased chances to start or develop their career by developing new skills.

Press Contact:

Dawn Spendlove, Love Marketing, 07967 674319


Kate Maddison-Greenwell on

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