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Lesley Starts Back in Employment With New Digital Skills

When starting the ICDL course in Chesterfield, Lesley said she had had little to no experience with using computers and seriously lacked confidence in herself. After getting herself down on day one due to the realisation of the work to come, Lesley doubted her capabilities and ability to carry on with the course. That night she went home and bought a new laptop with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on it so that she could practice in the evenings.

ICDL Course at DBC Training

She took it upon herself to go home each night and spend hours practicing what she had learnt during the day and truly applied herself to the maximum. By the end of week one, she had passed her Word exam with 80% correct answers. By the end of week two she passed Excel with 77%. Week three ended with a pass of the PowerPoint exam with 88%. All first time passes! Finally, Lesley completed the course by passing her final exam in Improving Productivity with a whopping 95%!!

This was an enormous success for Lesley, because she worked so incredibly hard and achieved what she did not think possible, in an excellent time scale.

She has since has completed the course she has gone back into employment and says she would feel confident if her duties would require her to use a computer or the Microsoft packages.

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