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Keeping up with Kerry - Will it Make the Boat go Faster?

So back to life, back to reality whatever that maybe for many of us.

Where to start, for me personally and professionally it’s been a roller coaster year, one I’m happy to say goodbye to. Like many, Covid played a part in my Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, missing out on friend’s engagement parties, to my mum not having Christmas dinner with us, I myself have been lucky enough not to catch Covid, but the first day back in the office and quite a few of the team are off. I heard a scary fact on the drive into work this morning that 1 in 10 railway staff are off sick, disrupting the life of many commuters and businesses around the country. Its fair to say our NHS have worked flat out across the year and more so with increased pressure across the festive period.

For which I know, I am extremely grateful.

So, reflecting on 2021 and looking forward to 2022 I thought it would be good to write about our staff conference.

In September 2021 we held our first face to face conference for 18 months, the theme was based around the book and motivational courses written by Ben Hunt Williams. ‘Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?’ It’s fair to say as a board we had great fun planning the conference and even had a boat building team building exercise. However, the conference theme, was about setting the reset button and thinking about why we do what we do...

Ben Hunt-Davis was part of an underachieving Men’s Eight who, in 1998, set themselves a Crazy Goal of winning an Olympic Gold Medal in just two years time.

They developed a whole new way of working and began challenging everything they did with the question: “Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?” If it did, they would keep doing it, if it didn’t, they’d try something different.

We started the conference with the video, well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. And asked the team throughout the day to think about what was making the boat sink and what would make the boat go faster in 2022. We had some great suggestions, on how to stay afloat. And some either better suggestions on how to make the boat go faster, which as a team they have already started to implement.

For me, I’m an avid reader but I usually read crime, fiction, autobiographies and romance. I not only read the book ‘Will it Make The Boat Go Faster’, I learnt a lot from it and some of my favourite quotes going into yet another challenging year are as follows:

  • When you feel fear about taking a risk hit the pause button not the stop button.”

  • “When you’re stuck your momentum stops, but if you use the goal as your guide you’re more likely to keep moving forwards.”

  • “When the chips are down it’s amazing what we humans can do and yet all too often we pretend to ourselves that if things go wrong we won’t possibly be able to cope.”

Another great achievement from the conference was the Team chose to support Young Minds as our charity for 2021/2022 (YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds) and raised over £500.

Well done #TeamDBC what a fantastic charity to support. The team have pledged to raise at least another £1,500 for their chosen charity in 2022.

Like every business we will still endure those sleepless nights and headaches, but I am so proud of where we've got to, and the people we now have on board, who are always striving to MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER.

If your business could benefit from making the Boat Go faster in 2022, why not get in touch with our experienced business consultants, who can advise on how to maximise staff performance through training and development, for more information contact Boat Go Faster’, for every enquiry received we will donate a further £25.00 to Young Minds up to 31st January 2022. They may even teach you to build a boat...

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