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Keeping up with Kerry - One year on from the Digital Revolution

As a bit of a technophobe and someone who is very easily distracted, my school report always said needs to pay more attention, remote working was a major shock for me, as well as a reality check for the business. Moving fully to the cloud in 2 days and getting the team fully working remotely was a bit like an episode from ‘Challenge Annika’.

Digital Revolution
Digital Revolution

However, we completed the challenge with the support of our great IT partner SpudIT.

Services, jobs and society have adapted at an accelerated pace and reshaped the way many of us work, interact with family and friends and conduct our daily lives. This has highlighted many socio-economic challenges, some of these temporary and some - such as access to digital technology, services and resources - will be longer lasting.

Businesses all around the world were starting to realise how important IT systems were and the need to embrace the cloud as a necessity rather than viewing it as an option. Digital skills and capacity were an unexpected reality check for organisations of all sizes. Whilst Industries like travel and hospitality struggled or went bust, many businesses experienced survival challenges and struggled to survive the disruption brought by the pandemic, however, the consumer packaged goods and retail sectors prompt responses to digital transformation such as embracing e-commerce and alternative shopping experiences, allowed their businesses to stay afloat and strong. The acceleration in these sectors is possibly the fastest since the e-commerce boom of the early 2000s.

For businesses to survive and thrive in our economic recovery there is an increasing need to improve their digital infrastructure and increase the digital skills of their existing and new staff members. Looking to the future, we are working with businesses to address this challenge and improve their digital capabilities as we emerge from the pandemic. Programmes such as DBC’s iProgramme will be vital in ensuring individuals and businesses have access to appropriate digital skills training to help them ‘build back better’, and will help us to collectively drive a sustainable, resilient and inclusive post-Covid economic economy.

Revolutionise your workforce

iProgramme offers a fully digitalised learning package to business and individuals within the D2N2 area, through a range of fully-funded online qualifications and CPD courses. Courses range from programmes in IT such as Excel and ECDL, to fully funded level 2 qualifications such as The Principles of Team Leading and Lean Organisational Management Techniques. Find out more here

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