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Gracie Jay - My Apprenticeship Journey

Gracie Jay

Name: Gracie Jay

Role: Administrator for the Executive Team

Apprenticeship: Level 3 Business Administration

Why did you decide to enrol on an apprenticeship?

I decided to look into apprenticeships because I wanted to be able to learn whilst gaining valuable work experience. I knew University wasn’t the correct option for me as I couldn’t pin down an exact course and I believed that I could achieve getting into my dream career with the right apprenticeship. The idea of the University fees also seem absurd to me when such amazing opportunities are available.

Describe how the apprenticeship has benefitted you?

The apprenticeship has benefited me greatly. I have learnt the skills and theory within an area that I find highly interesting, this then allowed me to begin my career within the NHS. The apprenticeship is the reason I was able to go for the job role I am currently in as I was able to gain valuable work experience. Without the experience, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the first stage of the interview process. The apprenticeship allowed me to learn the necessary skills and also put them into practice, rather than simply reading out of a textbook; I knew how to apply the theory I had learnt. I also believe my confidence has grown greatly and I was able to find my feet within a workplace.

Describe how the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through your apprenticeship will benefit you in the future?

I will continue to grow from all the elements I learnt throughout my apprenticeship. It allowed me to gain an incite into a multitude of areas; meaning I knew which area of work I’d prefer to enter into. I am lucky enough that my employer are always looking to help me to grow as both an individual and intellectually, therefore I will continue to partake in courses that widen my knowledge and add to my qualifications.

How have you found working with DBC Training?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with DBC. The tutor/learner relationship is second to none. The learning process was tailored to me and the way I learn most effectively, meaning that the experience was always enjoyable. The support I received from DBC was incredible and there was never a time that I was unsure of what work I needed to carry out; the comment sheets allowed to stay on track at all times. I was lucky enough to work with two tutors within DBC training and it was a pleasure. I felt happy and confident to contact my tutor at anytime should I have any questions or queries, which they never failed to clarify and support me with. They also cared greatly about my welfare and happiness within my place of work, I found this very reassuring. DBC Training also have close interaction with my employer which meant that support was in place at all times and communication was fluent; everyone remained in the loop at all times.

What would your advice be for anyone considering enrolling on an apprenticeship?

I can’t speak highly enough of enrolling in an apprenticeship. It has helped me to achieve great things that are impressive for my age. I managed to successfully land my dream job within my specific career path. I am proud to work for the NHS and support an organisation that has achieved the unimaginable in the last year. You can achieve the same qualifications within an apprenticeship as those from a University whilst gaining critical work experience which makes it so much easier to successfully get a job in your industry. You also gain a fantastic work ethic that is irreplaceable. You are able to learn from a tutor in a 1:1 environment which is truly beneficial. I would thoroughly encourage anyone to enrol on an apprenticeship as I would never have gotten to where I am now without enrolling in my apprenticeship with DBC Training.

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