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Georgia Burn - Apprenticeship Case Study

Why did you become an apprentice?

"Working in a customer service role, I felt it was really important to my role to be able to provide the best possible customer experience. Having no qualifications in this area, I felt completing a course would be beneficial so that I could become a specialist in this area and carry out my role to the very best standard.

Georgia Burn - Apprenticeship Case Study
Georgia Burn - Apprenticeship Case Study

Now I have completed my course I feel that I have covered so much and learnt many new skills and about the different areas Customer Service covers. I now feel confident to approach different customers and different situations and consider the impacts of various solutions in order to provide the best possible transaction between the organisation and our customers. I now have the knowledge to be able to offer the best possible experience and ensure that customers are happy with the service received.

How has this apprenticeship benefitted you?

I feel I now have the confidence to approach different situations, ranging from more basic issues to complex ongoing challenges. I have a much better understanding of the customer service industry and understand that each customer is different and requires a personalised service. This programme has highlighted the importance of understanding each departmental role within the business, and why it is important to work as a team with open lines of communication. I have been able to gain a better understanding of my role and why it is important to actively listen to customer needs in order to enhance the customer journey, and encourage repeat custom.

I feel I have also been able to learn about leadership styles in order to train two new starts on my own, and I have been able to share my customer service knowledge with a level 2 customer service apprentice. My confidence in the role has grown and I feel I now have the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of customers, in order to best meet their individual needs and expectations.

How did DBC support you?

My Development Coach has been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the apprenticeship programme. I have always felt that we have been able to openly communicate and if I have any questions or concerns that I can go to her for assistance or support. My Development Coach has always been motivating and supportive and always helped me to feel confident about the work that I submit. Before my EPA we had daily communication which really helped me to feel more comfortable and reassured before the EPA.

The DBC Team are all really friendly and I have thoroughly enjoyed the timeframe of my course and would definitely love to do another Apprenticeship Programme".

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