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DBC Training secures funding to help address the digital divide

DBC Training has secured vital ESF funding which will provide learners with access to digital technology and data. The Equip Digital scheme will fund the loan of over 70 laptops and tablet devices as well as data packages to unlock access information, services and support participation in digital learning for those ESF participants identified at most need.

Anthony Smith, Development Director said: “An estimated 1.9m UK households do not have access to the internet, and are digitally excluded, resulting in poor access to information and services which are crucial to engage in education and the jobs market. This has been particularly emphasised throughout the COVID-19 pandemic which has resulted in restrictions to learning taking place in traditional classroom settings.

We are delighted to confirm support is in place to help to address the digital divide, by providing access to information and services, through the loan of digital devices and data. The project will help people identified as being, or at risk of being, digitally marginalised/excluded to access and engage in online services and training. It will also help them to engage in the digital society more broadly, gain confidence in using digital devices and understand how to access online services beyond the project.”

For more details, please contact DBC Training directly at: or on 01332 295 588.

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