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Contract Success During Lockdown

In February 2020 DBC training were awarded the iProgramme employed contract to fund digital skills courses within D2N2 (Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham & Nottinghamshire). The increase in digital skills was positioned to enable learners to become more confident and competent within their roles, to take on extra responsibilities and to support the business to develop and grow.

The timing of the contract award could not have been worse, being awarded in February with a start date of April and then entering into a National Lockdown where schools and training facilities were forced to close. Although this initially meant we couldn’t get started, the work was only just beginning!

The contract was initially designed to be delivered via face to face group sessions, due to the pandemic we had to quickly research, re-plan and drastically re-design our delivery model to an online offer. The world and many businesses needed to change overnight and this gave us the perfect opportunity to design courses to meet this change in demand.

The first courses we publicised were simple but effective – How to use Microsoft Teams/Skype. The uptake and demand for this was off the chart with many businesses having to liaise with staff via these IT packages, many of which had never had to utilise before.

DBC have now designed a suite of online courses (see the full leaflet attached at the bottom of this page), all of which aim to increase the digital skills of individuals as well as gaining sector specific and/or role specific skills.

We have now engaged and support over 1000 learners who are undertaking a range of different courses, however our most popular courses are:

  • ECDL Level 1

  • ECDL Level 2

  • Principles of Internet Safety

  • Digital Technology within the Workplace

  • Digital Champion Training

  • Advanced Excel

  • Beginners Excel

  • Business Administration Level 2

  • Team Leading Level 2

If you are a manager within a business and feel that one of our fully funded courses could help your staff please get in touch with our team by emailing to find out more.

Although the funding has already supported over 1000 individuals, we still have allocations to support a further 1700 until December 2022. Our Business Development team have resources dedicated to contacting businesses within the D2N2 area to assess whether this would be beneficial to them, talking them through the courses that are available and identifying skills gaps where we could potentially develop a course to cover that need.

We love to hear the success stories of our learners, how the courses have developed them in their roles and how the businesses have thrived as a result. As more of our learners are reaching their course completions, we look forward to sharing these with you in the near future.

D2N2 iProgramme Flyer - Employers
Download PDF • 3.07MB

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