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Banaz Steps into Employment

Banaz started her journey with us at DBC Training on 20th September 2022. She came to us with no Maths or English qualifications, but she had achieved ESOL Level 2 in Speaking and Listening, after arriving in the UK 5 years ago as a refugee. She had previously tried to do her FS English elsewhere, however, she was unable to complete the qualification after having a bad experience with the tutor.

When she did her IA and diagnostics, she demonstrated that she was working towards L1 English and L1 for Maths. She had been working in admin for the last two years.

Her attendance rate during the 3 weeks of the English cohort was 91%. She had the willingness to learn as she wanted this to help her to get a full-time job as an admin support worker or civil engineer.

She applied her passion to learn and worked hard with us to truly understand everything that was being taught and used her own initiative by asking questions when she was having difficulty with the topics being taught. In addition, Banaz made sure that she gained a very good understanding of the topics being taught. She has now, successfully passed her FS L1 English exam!

Not only has Banaz passed her FS L1, but with the support from her tutor Jabran, the course has helped her gain confidence and self-esteem. So much so, she has been successful in obtaining a full-time position as an admin support worker in a special needs school through an agency.

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