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Apprenticeship helps Simon Secure Promotion

"I decided to take the apprenticeship route as it was offered to me from my line manager to help develop my skills, this was shortly after joining the company. This has given me the opportunity to build on my development to progress further with my career.

The apprenticeship has helped a me in some of my daily activities as a testing electrician and within a secondment in a supervisory role, but has additionally helped me immensely in the furthering of my career. I have been working towards a permanent managerial role since the day I started. This apprenticeship has shown the company that I am dedicated and have the commitment to move forward.

Very simply, my plans for the future after finishing my level 3 course is to enrol on the level 5 course. I have just secured a promotion as a Trades Supervisor within the company and believe that what Cathy has taught me during our sessions has helped me with my confidence and my interviews.

I have found working with DBC an absolute pleasure and look forward to seeing you on the level 5 course.

I have a colleague that has recently started the level 3 course and is experiencing the benefits already for his development. He has also just been offered a supervisor’s role.

There is a lot to do within the apprenticeship for example the ‘off the job hours work’, is the hardest thing to overcome to fulfil the criteria. I understand that homework is needed but what we learn seems to fit in to the daily working hours".

Simon Ault, Places for People Employee

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