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5 Tips for Working From Home

Many of us have been forced out of the office and are now working from our Dining Tables, Bedrooms and spare rooms. 

Working from home certainly has its positives, saving money on travel & waking up later to name just a couple. But it also requires self-discipline and organisation. 

Here are our 5 Top Tips to ensure you are as productive as possible whilst working from home: 


Stick to your usual work routine. Make sure you are still waking up at a set time and preparing yourself for the day ahead. If possible, ensure that you are still taking breaks and having dinner as you would at work. 


If you share a house with partners, children or parents it could be helpful to set out guidelines. This means that everyone in the house knows what they can expect of you during the working day whilst working from home. 


Our colleagues are no longer sat next to us or just in the next room, so communication is crucial. Schedule in Skype meetings with your team or message your line Manager if you have any queries, that's exactly what these tools were made for. 

Fresh Air 

Being stuck inside the same 4 walls all day can be quite de-motivating. Make sure you are getting outside when possible, even if it's a brief walk to the local shop on your break. The fresh air and sunshine will benefit you. 

Stay Positive

The last and most important tip is to stay positive. Working from home isn't ideal for everyone but you have to make the best out of the situation, you should still have all the equipment and tools to work as normal. 

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