Sub Contractor Fees & Charging Policy

Derby Business College recognises the benefits that effective subcontracting can bring in extending the range of accessibility of provision offered to learners and responding to the requirements of the local labour market.

Rationale for subcontracting

Derby Business College T/A DBC Training uses subcontractors to widen participation amongst learner groups that it would otherwise be "hard to reach" such as Work Programme clients and other individuals that face barriers to participation in learning and work.

Derby Business College also uses subcontractors to fill gaps in, and to extend the breadth of its provision: for example, through widening the range of apprenticeship frameworks offered to employers and learners and broadening the range of sector subject areas or business sectors that can be covered. This in turn broadens the skills base of the College.

Derby Business College has contracts with the Skills Funding Agency to deliver Apprenticeships ESF funded provision.  It fulfils this contract via Sub-Contracting arrangements with Learning Providers who are responsible for the delivery of the necessary teaching and learning to achieve the relevant qualifications. Derby Business College has a contractual obligation to publish its Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy.

Derby Business College makes a service charge of 20% on the value of the Learning delivered by the Sub-Contractor. This service charge applies equally to all aspects of the Learning programme and each Sub-Contractor.

Derby Business College makes payments to all Sub-Contractors in an identical fashion irrespective of the Learning Programme(s) being delivered. The payment is calculated by taking into consideration the on- programme and completion payments due and all new activity during any given month Derby Business College processes all Learner paperwork received by the 20th (twentieth) day of each month, after reconciliation each Sub-Contractor is asked to submit an invoice to Derby Business College at the end of the following month. On receipt of the invoice from the Sub-Contractor payment will be made on or around the 28th day of that month subject to Derby Business College receiving monies due from the Skills Funding Agency.

Review of Policy

This Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy is reviews annually by Derby Business College and communicated to all current Sub-Contractors at a meeting of Sub-Contractors held prior to the beginning of each contract year. It is explained to all new potential Sub-Contractors at the beginning of negotiations to become a Sub-Contractor to Derby Business College.

Last reviewed - August 2018

K Bentley Managing Director - Derby Business College

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Kelly had a period of unemployment of 4 years, she came to DBC to gain confidence and qualifications to help her get back into employment.

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Partnering with DBC has enabled us to fund provision in an area that supports the local community and increase jobs.

Trevor Eeles, Contract Manager - LAGAT Ltd

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DBC Training are very helpful and are easy to work with. If we have any queries they are always there to offer guidance and advice on the best way...

Kay Brockall Director – Evolve your Future

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