Happy Woman

When I first started applying for apprenticeships, I wrote down all the ones I had applied for, the company info and the training providers information on a google sheet. Just so I can keep track and follow up with them.


I applied to loads and loads and followed up with them all. Surprisingly the second apprenticeship on my list was Grosvenor Contracts and the training provider in charge of that specific apprenticeship was Jessica Starns from DBC Training.


After emailing all training providers. Jessica was one of the first ones that gave me a call back. We had a screening and a day later I began moving up the ladder with my application. Jessica did an amazing job at keeping me informed and caught up. She communicated clearly with me and gave me amazing advice as well as explained the business administration modules and the specifics of what I will be learning throughout my 18-month duration as a business apprentice.


I found the recruitment process with Jessica Starns very informative and clear. The transition into the role was easy and stress-free. Jessica was very very informative and enlightening on what the next steps were in the lead up to the interviews and enrolment. I would 100% recommend DBC Training and specifically Jessica to my friends and family who are looking to do an apprenticeship. She is kind, understanding and just a pleasure to work with.


Fast forward to today and with the help of Jessica, I have enrolled into a level 3 Business Administration Apprentice with such a great company and I am excited to see where this journey takes me.


Thank you DBC Training and Jessica Starns for helping and guiding me through my apprenticeship recruitment journey.

Maryam Mahmoud - Enrolled on a Level 3 Business Administration Apprentice with DBC Training.