What is the Apprenticeship Levy?

Introduced in 2017, the Apprenticeship Levy is a funding system for businesses with an annual wage bill greater than £3m. Each new Apprentice will have access to approved professional development courses and qualifications.

This is taken, at source, by HMRC and is based on your organisations payroll. If your annual wage bill exceeds £3m you will pay 0.5% each month into your apprenticeship levy account where you can then use it to fund apprenticeship training from an approved provider.

Your funds are accessible via your Digital Apprenticeship Service account and will expire 24 months after the first contribution has been made. For example, a contribution made in April 2017 will 'expire' after 24 months and no longer be available for you to use.


DBC Training can support you with navigating the Apprenticeship Levy


If you contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy, then DBC Training can help you understand how the programmes and system works.


The following is a breakdown of how we will support you in maximising your Levy funds in support of your overall talent management plans and people strategy  –


  • Guidance and support with your Digital Account

  • Evaluation of funds available and monthly spend expectations

  • Review of current internal development/training programmes

  • Assess current workforce training needs and future skills gaps

  • Create bespoke proposals of training delivery to support talent succession planning

  • Support with recruitment into early careers and apprenticeship training programmes

  • Tailored reporting – Finances and Learner progression

  • Management of 25% Apprentice Levy transfer where applicable

  • Guidance with additional government funding streams and access to local funding

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