Learning Labs are a unique solution to support upskilling your employees.


Having the right skills in a business is vital for many reasons; understanding health and safety guidelines, improving productivity, following instructions and using equipment effectively are just a few that can make a real difference in your workplace.


DBC Training offers a truly demand led language based service and shapes it offer to meet your business needs.

To maximise the effectiveness of training and minimise its intrusion on work time, DBC not only delivers training in the workplace but we also provide and install a training room to meet your needs.

Our Learning Labs were part of a Department for Education pilot for the National Re-training Scheme and are offered fully funded to your organisation.

DBC Training's Learning Labs are:

  • Permanent digital training rooms installed on employers premises

  • Fully equipped with digital learning tools to support:

    • Face to face tutor led training

    • Independent study

    • Remote learning

  • Benefits of the Learning Labs:

    • Reduce staff away from their work station

    • Allows staff to access training without any additional travel cost or inconvenience

    • Staff can access the training support tools to refresh/continue their learning at any time

    • The training room and equipment can be used to support your wider                                 internal training  delivery – subject to agreement

Learning Labs are being used by businesses to:

  • Support the recruitment of new staff via on-site pre-employment training

  • Enable employers to upskill staff prior to commencing an apprenticeship

  • Provide quality communication and teamwork support

To enquire about availability of a Learning Lab for your business contact us on 01332 947973