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Why did you become a Kickstart in the first place?

I first became a kickstart to go into a new career after graduating from university, my job coach showed me this position with DBC Training and I became interested in the development opportunities it presented. Looking for long-term employment after graduating and just looking to try a new job sector, this kickstart role has given me experience and skills which helped build up my confidence in a workplace environment.


How did the placement help you with your career?

The placement has allowed me to find a role I work well in that I was unlikely to fall into without the kickstart position. I have been able to develop and grow with the iProgramme team in the business within the short few months of my Kickstart role.


What would your advice be to anyone thinking of joining the Kickstart scheme?

I would advise any new Kickstarter to use this as an opportunity to learn and even try something new in the job world, there are many great opportunities out there that would be great to explore.


Since joining full-time at DBC, how have you found it?

It has been great, I have been given more responsibility within the team and find the business to be very supportive and encouraging for development opportunities. My day-to-day role is not too different from my kickstart position although I am now getting to learn and work more with different teams within the business.


What are your long-term career goals?

I would like to continue learning and developing within this sector. It is also a goal of mine to hopefully complete further qualifications and my Master's Degree at some point in the future.


I have really enjoyed working for DBC and would like to thank everyone who has had a hand in giving me this opportunity.

Jessica Walsh - Learning Support Executive - DBC Employee

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