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Hire an apprentice

Our complimentary recruitment service

At DBC Training we offer a full recruitment package to support you in bringing a new apprentice into your business. This allows us to support you from end to end with a holistic service that means you can focus on your business while we work on your behalf.

We start by understanding what you are looking for from an apprentice including the skills you need, the prior experience you would like a candidate to have and also your plans for their career development.

Once we have discussed your needs we begin our recruitment process which includes advertising, screening and shortlisting candidates from multiple sources who meet your requirements. We work closely with you to provide a shortlist of high-quality candidates who are all looking to benefit from an apprenticeship and arrange interviews with you. From there, you have the final say in recruiting a new apprentice to support your organisation. 


The benefits of hiring an Apprentice


  • Employing an apprentice is a highly cost effective way to increase your workforce. Studies have shown that over 80% of businesses that employed apprentices found their productivity had increased as a result.

  • Improve your organisation’s skills base. Government statistics indicate that skills shortages remain one of the biggest threats to UK businesses and UK PLC productivity. Apprentices’ bring new ideas and a range of skills that do enhance certain skill gaps and this means they can take on a wider range of tasks and responsibilities.

  • As well as helping you to gain the right kind of skills you need for your business by employing an apprentice, it can also aid staff retention, providing you with skilled, highly motivated staff for the future as 74% of companies surveyed said that apprentices are more loyal, committed and motivated.

  • Incentives to employers for offering an apprenticeship position including reductions on NI contributions and access to additional government funding.

  • All training and support will be managed by DBC Training, so both learner and employer have a dedicated person to turn to for advice.

For more information on hiring an apprentice, please contact us on 01332 947973

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