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Coaching Professional



Start date: Flexible

Typical duration: 15 months


Coaches work with a wide range of individuals and teams across organisations, to empower and engage with them to enhance their professional performance.


The Coaching Professional Apprenticeship is designed for current or aspiring coaches who provide one-to-one coaching in a professional environment. This could be a full-time coaching role, but more likely will be individuals coaching alongside their day job.


With a growing demand for the professionalisation of coaching to include one-to-one coaching, team coaching, leadership coaching and for coaching skills to be within business culture and governance infrastructures, the broad purpose of the occupation is to work with a wide range of individuals develop their personal professional performance.


Coaching is a way of leading in a non-directive manner, helping people to learn through deep listening and reflective, open questions rather than instructing, giving advice or making suggestions. Learn more about the importance of coaching, a vital aspect to supporting individuals and organisations in increasingly volatile and ever-changing environments and industries.

Download Apprenticeship Overview

MOdule 1

Introduction to the programme, setting out expectations

MOdule 2

How to identify a coachees goals and development needs & create a SWOT/PDP and theories of self-awareness

MOdule 3

Coaching theories and models and Communication and active listening 

MOdule 4

How coaching relates to organisational goals & personal development

MOdule 5

Forming your own style using established tools and techniques and building rapport and trust

MOdule 6

Designing your own coaching session including: action plans/goal setting, monitoring goals and maintaining records

MOdule 7

How to consider own values, behaviours & beliefs and how these effect own coaching practice


MOdule 8

Review and update SWOT and PDP


MOdule 9

Reflective Practice

MOdule 10

EPA Preperation

MOdule 11

EPA Gateway


Summative Portfolio, Interview, Knowledge Test and Observation

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