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Start date: Flexible

Typical duration: 15 Months

We're a multi-award-winning provider of Business Administration Apprenticeships and have used our experience in this area to design an outstanding Apprenticeship programme that provides learners with a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours while offering businesses a fantastic return on investment.

We understand that a high-quality administrative function is essential to all businesses, of all sizes, working across any sector. Our award-winning Apprenticeship covers the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to excel in administration roles and provide each learner with the chance to build their careers.

We focus on adding value through topics such as record keeping, document production, planning and organisation, stakeholder communication and business fundamentals. We develop professionalism, responsibility and adaptability throughout this Apprenticeship and relate this to your own workplace to demonstrate the benefits of workforce development training.

We combine face-to-face and virtual delivery that forms a supportive, flexible delivery model to meet the unique challenges of your workplace. Our development coaches are all highly experienced with a broad range of occupational expertise which we match to the needs of each learner.

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MOdule 1

Introduction to the programme, setting out expectations

MOdule 2

Create a personal development plan and managing own performance 

MOdule 3

Planning and organising priorities

MOdule 4

Team working

MOdule 5

Problem Solving and managing resources and processes

MOdule 6

Organisations and external factors

MOdule 7

Managing change and meetings and events

MOdule 8

Organisations and market

MOdule 9

Compliance and regulations


MOdule 10

Policies and Processes

MOdule 11

Project  management

MOdule 12

EPA preperation

MOdule 13

EPA preparation

MOdule 14

EPA preparation

MOdule 15

EPA Gateway


Knowledge and behaviours test

Practical assessment

Portfolio of evidence

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