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The main reason I joined the ‘On The Right Track course’ is because I really wanted to build my confidence as I struggle with anxiety and I wanted to feel ready and excited for work instead of feeling anxious or worried about it.


I think this course extremely boosted my confidence, as I now find it much easier to talk to people and I don’t worry as much when I'm in a new environment or around new people. Karen made me feel 100% confident and ready for work and made me feel excited for new challenges instead of feeling anxious and I am very grateful for that.


A week after I finished this course, I started a new kickstart job as an administration support executive (receptionist) which I would have never imagined myself doing or been able to do if it wasn’t for this course, building my confidence and making me feel excited to work and not worried.


I'm in the 3rd week of my new job now and I'm finding it to be amazing! I love it! I feel very comfortable and confident here, which is the first time I've felt like this and I really couldn’t have got to where I am now without Karen and this course.

Amber Tassi - Administration Support Executive - DBC Employee

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