Microsoft Excel Expert

Who is it for?

Those who wish to learn this popular spreadsheet program to an advanced level


  • Working knowledge of the Excel 2010 program
  • Ideally completion of the Excel 2010 course


  • To teach the Excel 2010 program to an advanced level
  • To cover the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and ECDL Advanced (Spreadsheets) exams.


  • Learn how to use this popular spreadsheet program
  • Flexible, self-study course designed to enable you to work at your own pace
  • Workbook to keep as a reference guide on completion of the course
  • The opportunity to gain the widely recognised Pitman Training Certificate

Next Steps

Consider Outlook 2010.

Course Content

Lesson One: Using AutoFill; Adding a worksheet background; Showing/hiding gridlines and headings; Creating table;: Converting text to columns; Removing duplicates; Consolidating data; Hiding/unhiding worksheets; Using paste special; Creating a custom format

Lesson Two: Defining, using and managing named ranges; Using named ranges in formulas; Inserting, modifying hyperlinks; Formatting elements of a column chart; using functions: ROUND; SUMIF; SUMIF; IF; IFERROR; AND.

Lesson Three: Conditional formatting; Editing a conditional formatting; Rules Manager; Formatting cells; Applying more than one rule; Sorting data; Filtering data using cell attributes; Advanced filter options

Lesson Four: Recording and running macros; Editing a macro; Running a macro from the Quick Access Toolbar; Deleting macros; Using data validation; Tracing precedent/dependent cells in a worksheet; Evaluating formulas: Tracing errors.

Lesson Five: Summarising data using subtotals; Using database functions; Grouping and ungrouping data; Creating a pivot table; Pivot table data; Filtering information in a pivot table; Formatting pivot table data: Creating and using a slicer

Lesson 6: The VLOOKUP function; inserting an embedded object into a spreadsheet; Linking objects; Using paste special; Linking workbooks; Scenario manager; Setting up data tables

Lesson 7: Protecting worksheet cells; applying and removing passwords; Setting file properties; Sharing workbooks; Merging workbooks; Tracking changes; The Document Inspector; Removing a password; Digital signature

Lesson 8: Statistical functions; COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF; Text functions: PROPER, UPPER, LOWER, CONCATENATE: Financial functions: PV; NPV; RATE Nested functions

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